Growing evidence suggests that patients who are more engaged with their treatment have better health outcomes. What's pivotal is the vehicle they choose to engage with.
Digital support for cancer patients
CancerAid is the number one downloaded cancer patient app in the US, UK and Australia. Oncology marketers can utilise the CancerAid app to create their own secure digital patient support resource for patients prescribed their brand.
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Transplant Hero
Digital support for transplant recipients
Transplant Hero is an interactive medical adherence application, created by doctors specifically for transplant patients. Find out how transplant brands can integrate Transplant Hero into their marketing and patient support materials.
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Our patient support range is growing
We're currently exploring new collaborations with digital patient support solution providers. If you're seeking ways to engage digitally with patients who've been prescribed your brand, reach out to us and we'll report back with some well-researched options.
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