Online advisory boards provide a fast, convenient and effective channel to foster meaningful insights from thought leaders, whilst minimising the costs and headaches involved in coordinating traditional in-person meetings.
Over-time online advisory boards
Leverage our bespoke forum-based online platform

  • Convenience: High - participants contribute in their own time, on any device (desktop at lunch, smartphone during commute etc.)
  • Insights: In depth - provides participants opportunity to research, ruminate and respond with their thoughts as opposed to answering on the spot
  • Set up speed: Fast - ~1 week set up
  • Logistics: Minimal - no requirement to coordinate participant travel
  • Moderator effort: Minimal - questions/resources posted in advance, opportunity to request participants expand upon responses
  • Value: High - minimised expenditure by eliminating overheads and focussing on results
Real-time online advisory boards
Utilises web conferencing software to replicate in-person meetings

  • Convenience: Medium - participants access event at a specified time
  • Insights: Medium - challenged by format of participants engaging with a screen for hours at a time
  • Set up speed: Fast
  • Logistics: Medium - coordination required to organise participants to meet at the same time/date
  • Moderator effort: High - needs to be creative to keep participants energised and engaged
  • Value: High: - low costs to execute
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