Be where your customers are, with the the information they are seeking, when they are seeking it. That's what Swipe Health does.
Omnichannel Excellence
Stop talking about it, start doing it
Designing/launching websites and medical education programs, disseminating research and deploying other high-value medical communications initiatives represent a significant expense. However, nothing is more expensive than an initiative that nobody engages with.
If you're going to build it, it is paramount to have an engagement or user-acquisition strategy in place.
Swipe helps you to engage with your target clinicians on their terms. Let us show you how to be where you customers are, and draw their attention to your resources/communications, at the crucial moment when they're searching for related content.
Engagement Guarantee
Performance-based pricing delivers the maximum return on your investment
No more insertion rates. If your customers don't engage with your content - you don't pay a cent.
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