The key to successful education has always been delivering relevant content in new, interesting and engaging ways...
Learn by QxMD
A new and practical CME channel
Learn by QxMD uses the Calculate platform to deliver daily, impactful educational 'pearls' of educative medical content that yields 1 hour of eCME per week, to your target HCP audience.
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Read by QxMD
The personalised digital medical journal
Read by QxMD curates the world's published medical literature into one convenient place where HCPs can stay up to date with the latest research that impacts their practice. Use Read by QxMD to highlight your brand's key research to your target specialist audience.
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Touch Surgery
Award winning surgical simulation platform
Touch Surgery is used all over the world and helps to deliver tailored training for residency programs(hospital surgery training programs) and medical device representatives. Visit Touch Surgery
Instagram… for doctors?
Something new is coming
We're in talks with a well-known medical app that has established the largest active network of medical professionals in the world. A place where peers can share experiences, network and crowd source information. This platform allows pharmaceutical and medical device companies to deliver unique, exciting and engaging educational campaigns.
The "go to" app for Oncology professionals
Oncology brands can integrate a wide range of content and campaigns into ONCOassist, and promote it to their target audiences, resulting in immediate impact and engagement.
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