At the turn of the century, brands leveraged printed medical journals to embed creative advertisements, relaying key messages via creative imagery and claims.
Then came the transition to digital, where HCPs started to shift preferences on how they liked to receive and engage with published research. Pharma followed suit and repurposed their creative to suit the new online formats.

Now we’re in the “new normal”, and whilst the majority of HCPs still view medical journals as the most trusted source for medical education, increasing numbers now choose mobile over desktop as their preferred format.

Source: Veeva 2016 Future of Medical Conferences / Ashfield Meetings & Events 2016 Survey

Pharma marketers have also pivoted in strategy – shifting away from creative ads in favour of providing information, education and support.

To this, a new type of campaign has evolved….

Promoted research campaigns in Read

What is Read?

The Read personalised digital medical journal is used by over 17,000 Australian HCPs to stay up to date with the latest research from over 14,000 journals. Read curates the latest medical literature relevant to the user’s interests into daily reading lists – enabling HCPs to review all the latest research that impacts their practice, in just minutes per day.

“Redefining Medicine with Apps and iPad”
“Most innovative” + “Top Medical App”
“Essential” + “New & Noteworthy”

Pharma marketers can now leverage Read to deploy impactful key messaging campaigns

  • Embed published research into target HCP reading lists – to promote and consolidate key brand messages

  • Capture audience at the ‘teachable moment’, when they are primed to absorb new information

  • Engage with HCPs digitally - including those not in contact with company representatives

  • Pay per click – only pay when a target HCP taps on and engages with your campaign, eyeballs are no charge.

Promote your messages “academically”

  • Pilot campaigns for <$10k.

Discover how you can leverage Read to boost your brand’s share of voice and differentiate key messaging in 2021.

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