Swipe Health is excited to announce the launch of mymedicalaffairs.com – or MyMA for short.

MyMA shall be a central online locale where medical affairs professionals can access a world of educational events relevant to their interest and roles, from organisations and companies around the globe.


The medical affairs space within the life science industry is one of the most fast-paced and evolving professions in healthcare if not anywhere.

Roles are being redefined and in many cases created, in order to forge a better industry model of providing value to patients, carers, HCPs and society in general to make a truly meaningful impact on their practice and/or lives.

To this, we have also seen a rapid rise in popularity of medical affairs opinion-leading organisations, associations, individuals etc.

Such entities are hosting/facilitating/deploying educational events featuring incredibly useful content for medical affairs professionals.

The only drawback being – there is so much content being created, by so many organisations, that it can be difficult for medical affairs professionals to keep up to date with (or be aware of) all the events that they may find useful.

To address this, and after close consultation with your Industry peers, we’ve decided to build mymedicalaffairs.com (or MyMA for short) – an online resource where users can search or browse all of the available events from all organisations in one place.

We are going for a “Netflix for Medical Affairs Professionals” type of experience and hope that you, the reader finds MyMA not only a practical resource but an enjoyable one as well.

Introducing – MyMedicalAffairs.com (MyMA)
Steve Royle
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