The most inspirational women I know

On this International Women’s Day, I’d like to take a well-overdue moment to recognise and thank the inspirational leading ladies in my life, all who’ve helped forge me into the person I am today:

1st off – My mum, Jenny.

Inspirational quality: work ethic and attention to detail

After our family relocated from the mining town of Mt Isa, Mum worked 2 jobs for the better part of a decade (1 as an employee in school admin, 1 as a business owner alongside dad in a wholesale donut business), 3 jobs if you include being a mum – which we should!

Mum’s day started at 3am (6 days/wk) to go into the factory to decorate donuts (with meticulous attention that had to be seen to be believed), afterwards she’d work her ‘day job’ from 8.30-15.00. Following that she’d somehow manage to do all the ‘traditional’ mum things (groceries, laundry, dinner prep etc), then after dinner, finish the day ‘doing the books’ for the business, (which back then was all done by hand amongst piles of receipts and coins reconciled with a faithful calculator). We did not have a family holiday in 7 years.

Somehow we always had a fresh packed lunch for school everyday, I still to this day can not figure out how she accomplished this.

Thank you Mum

Sister No.1 Kylie 

Inspirational quality: #resilience

Kylie is one of the most wonderful humans I know, not just a sister but one of my best friends. Through no fault of her own, Ky has been through her fair share of struggles and adversity over the past couple of years, she’s essentially a single parent of two boys, nephews who we all love however I am sure she won’t mind me saying they can occasionally represent something of a challenge…

However regardless of what life has thrown at her that day, she gets up, does the parent thing, works a full day and makes sure those boys go to bed each night knowing they’re loved and safe. Even in some exceptionally tough times of late, KyKy always manages to call on her edgy sense of humor and share a laugh, brightening the day of everyone she interacts with.

Thank you Ky Ky

Sister No. 2 Danielle (and no, my sisters were not named after the Minogues)

Inspirational quality: #perseverance

Ahh Dani, my little mate. Always up for whatever, whenever when we were growing up. Dani is that person in a room that’s always got that smiling friendly face, always agreeable and just a pleasure to be around. But don’t misjudge her, Dani is a person who once she realises what she wants, chases after it with absolute focus, dedication and hard work. She’s overcome several challenges and setbacks to get to where she is today, she always hops back on the horse and shows no signs of slowing down. The youngest sibling is now not only the most educated in our family, but somehow has also become the emotional rock for us all.

Thank you Dani

My Wife: Abigail 

Inspirational quality: #strength #intelligence #ambition #support #understanding (this list actually goes on and on).

I honestly do not know where to start other than to say that Abs is my most complete woman, who has taught me so much. To be fair the first lesson was perseverance – as it took several years of convincing for her to agree to a first date!

When you witness the birth of a child, you’re forever in awe of what women can do (honestly if men were tasked with childbirth, humanity would never have gotten off the ground imo), but when that amazingness is coupled with the ambition to not only be the best mum one can be, but also fulfil their potential careerwise, you can’t help but marvel.

The hours Abs spends in the car each week driving back and forth between daycare, business meetings and university courses (learning about things that are far too clever for the likes of me) makes my head spin, and yet with ultra-rare exception, still manages to get home with our 2 boys in tow so we can all sit around the table for a family dinner each night.

On top of that, she supports me and all of my efforts with my ventures, and tolerates my (becoming less common) mood swings when the challenges mount up, and somehow manages all of the above during my frequent business trips abroad. Superhuman is an overused term but in this instance is entirely appropriate.

Thank you Abs

And thank you to all women, everywhere for the tireless contributions you make on all levels at home, at work and in the community – you are inspirational, you are awesome.

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Inspirational Women
Steve Royle
Company Founder
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