"I'm Zoomed out, I'm over it!"

This was a hard-hitting quote from an Australian KOL during a recent webinar hosted by APPA* when discussing online meetings with MSLs and Industry.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard this feedback, and it’s likely relatable for many HCP peers (as well as the rest of us at times…).

Whilst webinars now often form an integral component of Industry-HCP meeting platforms, in light of the aforementioned sentiment it’s worth considering occasions where alternate approaches may yield better receptivity and engagement.

The Rumi ‘any-time’ engagement platform provides a simple and convenient solution in these circumstances, enabling participants to:

    • Contribute at a time that suits them, wherever they are, on their preferred device


  • Ruminate more about their responses

If you’d like to learn more about the features and benefits that any-time meetings deliver, simply head over to Rumi and take a look/request a demo.

*If you’re in Australian Medical Affairs and not already a member of APPA, I highly recommend you sign up: click here for more info or email Matt Britland directly.

“I’m Zoomed Out!”
Steve Royle
Client Solutions
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