Launching a digital resource can be a drawn out, costly and sometimes daunting exercise. Research, design, medico-legal approval, development, launch, hosting, updating…and then there's the customer acquisition strategy! There must be an easier and more effective way...
Calculate by QxMD
Clinical Calculator and decision support tool
With >450 support tools for medical professionals and 2 million downloads, Calculate by QxMD is one of the most popular 'point of care' medical apps in the world today. Healthcare brands can leverage the Calculate App to boost disease awareness and provide education on prognosis and diagnosis - particularly relevant for rare, hard to diagnose conditions.
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The "go to" app for Oncology professionals
ONCOassist provides Oncology HCPs with access to relevant, up to date tools and content across any mobile device and ensures safety through CE and FDA compliance. ONCOassist is improving the delivery of cancer care globally and strives to level the standard of care worldwide.
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