If they're not already, why aren't your medical communications accessible in the places where your target HCPs already go?

You know those eDMs you’re sending out, the HCP hubs, apps, resources and webinars you’re trying to promote to your target clinicians? Guess who else is doing the same thing? Everyone.

It’s tough to cut through the noise with your customers. Healthcare providers are busy people and standing out is not easy when content is being blasted to every screen and mailbox, in multiple settings per day.

Old school mailers are not the answer, for while they have their own retro appeal they are easily placed aside for the most engaging and dynamic content (or hopefully person!) in the room.

We know healthcare professionals are time poor and facing digital bombardment, high patient loads and information inundation. Asking them to click through yet another eDM to an external site after their working day is like asking a high-school student to get out of bed early Sunday morning and do an extra day of recreational research, just to build their general knowledge.

We recognise the demands placed on hardworking healthcare professionals. We want to offer support and add value through our communications. The best way to do this is to meet them where they are instead of asking them to come to us, physically and digitally. By understanding HCP needs and offering solutions that really deliver and engage, we build relationships built on trust and mutual respect that endure over time.

How? Omni-channel solutions – which means connecting with your audience in more places. Omnichannel doesn’t mean every channel however – it means the right one for your audience.

In short, you need to meet professionals where they are. If they read their journals online or use a disease-specific app, make sure your communications are there too.

It makes sense to put your key selling messages or educational video content where HCPs actively seeking information. A recent Innovid survey found brands benefit from meeting customers at the right time, on the platform they’re using, and with the message they want – right at that moment.

Engaging with platforms and apps that support professionals in their work by publishing new research, drug interactions or educational content is an ideal way to build trust and brand recognition.

It’s an ideal time to amplify the reach of your message, while reducing the noise.

The right platform and message is key.

We’d love you to chat with us at Swipe about how we can place your brand on the platforms that doctors are using.

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Grab your ear plugs – it’s noisy out there
Steve Royle
Client Solutions
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