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Last year the landscape of pharma sales and marketing fundamentally changed. I’m not here to tell you what you already know, but to share some insights on how this shift has opened up new channels to engage doctors with the information that matters to them.  In 2021, we are reaching out to a specialist audience that is more digitally receptive, more tech savvy, and more likely to absorb your message if it is in the right place at the right time.

While we may not need to have socially distanced conversations with healthcare professionals forever, the current pace of digital transformation means the old two-minute sales visit accompanied by e-detailer are over.

HCPs are interacting with reps more now than before, but these digital conversations are longer, more in-depth scientific conversations, supported by robust clinical content. Providers want their reps to deeply understand their needs and information requirements. With professional office visits restricted, particularly in oncology and immunology, new ways of working have emerged, and with them new marketing approaches – beyond the ubiquitous email.  

A recent life sciences survey showed 88% of HCPs# still want companies to launch new products for conditions they treat, so communication about these products is welcome and necessary. What is vital is reaching and educating these doctors on the channel they’re tuning in to for information. Informing, without obstacles.

When you change the channel, you change the opportunity.

Using digital channels and tools can help manage content and curate valuable interactions with impact and cut through.

Healthcare professionals often won’t have time for calls or emails but will choose to access apps or online journals for updates and new therapies. Many oncologists* use the ONCOassist app – a tool that supports patient care.

Swipe Health can provide you with branding or sponsored opportunities within this app as a targeted way to promote your brand, raise awareness and drive user engagement, alert doctors to new research, or host your existing video content on a dedicated oncology channel. It’s effectively a digital megaphone to broadcast credible, evidence-based content to your audience, but with better analytics.

In the new world where the most agile will thrive, using the right channel to deliver your key information will help doctors access the information they need to support optimal patient care and decision making.


[*59,000 global users, and 1673# Australian users – includes Medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, registrars and oncology nurses]

Flexible marketing – new channels for new opportunities
Steve Royle
Client Solutions
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