While mobile health apps and medical software tools show great potential for healthcare professional and patient support, sorting the good from the bad is a timely exercise. The quality, integrity and privacy of medical platforms is paramount, as new apps that are methodologically weak storm the market. OncoAssist, a free app for oncology professionals, is one of the few to have gone through the rigorous European Union Kitemark certification process.

The Oncologist’s challenge:

Oncologists are time poor and managing complex high level patient loads, as well as a backlog from COVID-19 delayed diagnoses. Improved treatments have improved survival rates, but also increased complexity and lengthened oncologist-patient relationships. In a continually evolving field with new therapies and updated research there is a need to predict efficacy, prognosis and drug interactions, and with speed.

The Oncology brand team’s challenge:

Oncology relies on constant research, collaboration and partnership. Brands want professionals to know they are providers of products, services and support, but also dedicated to investment in research and clinical trials, product development and manufacture, clinician education and patient advocacy. It is a competitive market, and presence and reputation is key.

The ONCOAssist solution:

ONCOAssist works independently and in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry to integrate tools and content to help improve patient care.

The platform is designed to help oncology professionals around the world make more informed decisions with tools and educational resources that support them in their work. It’s a medical education and diagnosis-support app used by 1,673 Australian HCPs, and a further 59,000 specialists around the globe.

Uses of ONCOassist by a Brand Team to engage Oncologists:

  • Publish new research
  • Broadcast media alert in ONCOnews
  • Promote KOL video content in the ONCOvideo channel
  • Banner ads
  • Develop a bespoke dosing tool


As a go-to app, ONCOassist puts the information oncologists need in one place, increasing the time available for patient interactions. Brands have the opportunity to engage specialists where they are actively seeking information, in turn building trust, reputation and recognition.

It makes sense to talk to specialists in the setting they choose. It’s one of the best ways to stand out.

Click here to learn how you can leverage ONCOassist to engage with your target Oncologists, or simply contact Swipe for more information

Connecting to and engaging with a global community of Oncologists
Kim Frost
Healthcare Writer
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