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Julia Walsh, whose pioneering work to tap into big search data for health insights was recognised early on in a Swipe Bytes Pharma IDOL feature, is now ready to publish her definitive guide to Search Listening in healthcare.

Since our story, Julia has gone on to join Dr Norman Swan as a keynote speaker on the topic of Science In The Age Of Misinformation, and has been invited by the WHO/ITU to propose how her methodology can be leveraged as an early warning system for the ‘infodemic’ they are trying to manage alongside the COVID epidemic.

Her unique insights have mapped the patient information experience (or #PiX) across many categories and offered proof, as presented to the recent Australian Medical Association National Conference, that there is much work to be done to ‘clean up the internet for patients’. Her concept of #SearchListeningHealth has been recently recognised by Reuters as one of the Top Trends in Patient Engagement in 2021, and is poised to transform our collective approach to the digital information landscape.

We are thrilled to invite our readers to access a first edition copy of her book ‘What we really ask Dr. Google’; Healthcare Insights in the Digital Age at a special Swipe Health discount of 35% off via this link:

The discount code is VIP35

Julia’s book will ensure you are among the first across this novel approach to strategic insight harvesting – secure your copy today!

Book Launch: ‘What we really ask Dr. Google’; Healthcare Insights in the Digital Age
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